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Built in 1968 by Austin / Morris Cowley, in Division 2 to specifically compete and promote the forthcoming new Duckhams Race Series. The car was purely a Factory Road Saloon Race car. It was not registered for the road until 1972.


Leyland ran a celebrity guest driver car. The drivers were ineligible far any championship points.  Drivers included Mike Smith and Tony Pond who personally competed in three races coming 3rd at LLandow on 11th April 1968


It was not the intention of going out and winning but to promote. At the end of the season the team came 5th overall.


Original body colour  Blaze


The car was unregistered until 1972 when it was given the number UWL 744K. It was then sold to a member of the general public.



Mike Smith purchased the car in 1983 with the view of initially racing on the track and after a couple of events decided to undertake a rebuild into International Rally Specification  Group A rally car to contest the European Championship Tarmac Rallies in the South of France. It was thought that the Minis eligibility ran out at the end of 1985 so an entry was put in for the 1200 kilometre Rally D’Entibes a qualifier for the European Championship.

When the Homologation ran out it was extended for the final year of 1986 so a team of three Minis were independantly prepared for this seasons events with  UWL 744K  entering the numerous events as listed below.


Events entered

1968       race series                               Car no; 12

1968 Duckhams Road Car Race Series .         Class win  

1985  Uniroyal Tyres Production Saloon Car Championship  1300 Class

                                                                    Car no. 16                             Smith/Barnet

1985  Coronation Rally                         Car no.                                  Smith/

1985 Rally D’Entibes                             Car no. 99                            Smith / Baud

1986 Alpes Maritime                             Car no. 79                            Smith/Baud

1986 Tour de France                             Car no.42                             Smith/Baud                    

1986 Rally De Entibes                           Car no.  99                           Smith/Baud                                                                          

1989 Coronation Rally  Pembury       Car no. 84                            Coulter/

1989 Mike Spence Historic rally         Car no.                                 Coulter/

1990 Longleat Historic Rally                Car no. 63                           Coulter/

1990  Top Gear (Television)   Telford Rally                                   Goffey

2000  Mike Spence Historic Rally     Car No. 16                            Northmore/

2003  Jubillee Historic Rally               Car no. 64                             Northmore/

2004 Ikley Satges                                  Car no. 77                              Northmore/




Featured in;

Car Magazine  Jan. 1986

Numerous copies of Motoring News 1985/86

Rallysport  1985/86

Mighty Minis by Chris Harvey 1986

Cars and Car Conversions  Jan 1987




Full Homologation Papers.  October 1970 and `December 1984. Mini 1275 GT

RAC  M.S.A. Rally Special Stage Vehicle Log Book



1980 Car re-painted from Blaze to Blue with feature bonnet in White



British Leyland Austin-Morris, Cowley           Blaze                      1968 - 1972

Sheila Mannion                                                       Blaze                      1972 - 1978

Dale Robinson                                                         Blaze                      1978 - 1980

Michael Feasey                                                       Blue and White    1980 - 1983

Michael Smith                                                         Blue and White    1983 - 1989

Jeremy Coulter                                                       Blue and White     1989 - 1991

Nigel Channon                                                        Blue and White     1991 - 1999

Geoffrey Northmore                                             Blue and White     1999 – 2018


Triple RAC Champion Martin Bolsover loaned the car to gain his National Race Licence. Date unknown.


Alloy wheels were fitted during the early racing days due to the wheels breaking up under load whilst racing. This was endorsed with the RAC and Homologation.


July 1989  Jeremy Coulter had the drivers’ floor pan replaced and the car repainted. Carmona alloy wheels were fitted. Replacing the alloy wheels that were on the car.


B.M.C. EX ‘WORKS’ 1275 GT CLUBMAN                          UWL 744K